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Founded in 1941 by two enterprising brothers, The Courtenay Group still remains 100% in family ownership. 

Today the business is still run by family members who sit on the board and executive team. 

The business still holds many of the original properties including a large shopping centre in Harlow Town Centre built by the founding brothers.

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At Courtenay Group, we invest in property to invest in the future. We have a diverse portfolio within Courtenay Trust Ltd, Banbury Estates Ltd, Neath Properties Ltd and their subsidiary companies. The portfolio is managed by Courtenay Investments Ltd. 

Throughout this past year, we have been actively managing our portfolio through new rentals, sales and investments. As the work market returns post-Covid, we are delighted to announce our new joint venture with X+Why offering flexible office space. We now have two fully operational offices; Huguenot Place, London E1 and The Fulwood, London WC1. Both designed with green credentials as a driving force.

We are also busy with redevelopment projects in Canterbury where we own several buildings of significant historical value including The Old Weavers on the River Stour. Sympathetic design and architectural integrity are essential to the historic importance of these buildings.

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Home: Welcome
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